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Pinterest is Popular Social Site for eCommerce

Were you previously making money with an eCommerce website thanks to Pinterest? If so, you were probably amongst the thousands of people who were none-too-happy when you found out that Pinterest slashed your business. Fortunately, all is not lost if you still have eCommerce store dreams that involve this popular social media site.

Curate a Board

If you previously used Pinterest to post affiliate links, you most likely know a thing or two about what makes one of those pages look great. Even if you hadn’t, get to work on a board and see what kind of results you enjoy.

Countless companies use Pinterest to help show off their products in a fun and vibrant way. If you have skills in this department, create an eCommerce website that proves what you can do. Curate a few boards and post them on your online store like a resume.

There is absolutely nothing about Pinterest’s terms and services policy that prohibits this kind of business. In fact, in an email earlier this year, the company pointed to this specifically as an alternative to affiliate links.


Launch Your Own Brand

Another idea for the truly Pinterest-passionate is to use your skills to launch your own brand. Perhaps you like making crafts, for example. As the next Martha Stewart, you can generate a following by posting your beautiful creations. Keep proving that you’re the best at whatever it is you do and eventually people will find their way to your website. There, you can use all the affiliate links you want to bring in profits or even sell the finished products you’ve become known for.

Break the Pinterest Code and Help Others

Right now, there’s a golden opportunity for someone to either capitalize on the above or create their own method for profiting from Pinterest. This website is simply too popular to not represent a goldmine to those who are willing to work for it. You could base a blog around the idea or write your own eBook. Another idea is to provide your consulting services as a Pinterest expert to companies that could use your help getting more exposure.

Don’t let this one little change in Pinterest’s approach completely turn you off the site altogether. Be flexible and adapt. This isn’t the first time a social media site has thrown their users a curveball and it won’t be the last.

Jump to Keep

That being said, there are other fishes in the sea. If none of those options above catch your imagination (or you’re just being a poor sport), jump to Keep. Pinterest’s competitor believes their rival made a big mistake when they swept their site clean of affiliate links. Within a day of Pinterest’s announcement, Keep launched their own affiliate program. You can now use Keep as an eCommerce store just like you once did Pinterest. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t profit from both.

Just because Pinterest isn’t the eCommerce store it once was for those who used affiliate links doesn’t mean you have to go get a job you’ll hate. Instead, put the above advice to work for you and enjoy online profits once again.