How To Activate or Add The Gift Voucher

How To Activate or Add The Gift Voucher?

You can send or sell the gift vouchers to your customers. Customers can redeem that voucher from your store.
  • To set the gift voucher go to gift vouchers from marketing tab in seller dashboard
  • Enter unique code that a customer...
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How To Set The Special Products And Promote It

How to set the special products?

You can set some products to sell on sale or promote those products as a pre-launch on your store. To set those products on your store, you have to
  • Login to Store Dashboard
  • Go to Applications from sidebar
  • There you will find the Specials Module, click on it
  • Enter your desired name and set the limit...
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How To Set Up Special Promotions Or Coupons

How To Set Up Special Promotions Or Coupons?

  • Go to Marketing
  • Click Coupons
  • Click Insert
  • Enter the Coupon Name
  • Type the Coupon Code the customer will need to enter to get the discount
  • Choose if the discount should be a percentage or fixed amount
  • Enter the Discount
  • Set the Total Amount...
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