Marketing ready stores to uplift sales

Powerful marketing tools to encourage your customers to spend on your store and world class integration to give you the right direction for your online business

Google IntegrationGoogle Integration

Our integration with Google Analytics gives you live insights about the behavior of your customers and performance of your store. It lets you know how your customers found you, what it is that they are looking for, which products they looked up recently, which categories are their favorites and more. With this, you will learn to adjust your target demographics and reach the right and profitable audience. It is also through insights like this that let you know which pages and campaigns deliver the most sales. With detailed and easy-to-understand reports, you can maximize on the things that work and eliminate those that don’t. Analytics is the best and dynamic way to keep your business growing.

We will also include Google Webmaster to help monitor your site’s visitors and optimization quality. It’s a tool that let Google inform you of any activities on your website, and most importantly if there are any red flags that you should be aware of. We will also integrate your site with google merchant center to submit your products into google shopping. You will get an access to your account for all these integrations. Our eCommerce expert is also available to help you out with this analysis. You can reach to him from the dashboard itself. Everything is included in our plans. No need to pay extra for this VIP service. Find out more about google integrations.


Content Marketing

Adding a blog to your online store is another effective marketing strategy because content drives traffic as well as gives free value to your prospects. When you give something for free, they are bound to return the favor. We, therefore, offer content writing services for your convenience. Find out more about our Content Writing Services. Our main target is to serve you for all your need under one roof. We provide A to Z services for your online store including writing your blogs and product description.

Salient Marketing Tools

There is more to having an online store than just importing products and designing. For it to flourish, you need to inject promotions and marketing. Easy Store Hosting is the one-stop solution for smart online sellers with our easy-to-use promotional tools.

Transform your leads into loyal customers with our rich promotional tools. Become a marketing expert by following our marketing blogs.

Email Marketing

Send out an email to your subscribers or customers to promote offers that they might have missed out on. You can also schedule regular broadcasts that promote new products, best sellers, featured items or discount offers. This can be followed up with another email related to the product they bought and so on. Building customer relationship has never been this simple!

Discount Coupons

Create discount coupons in percentages or in fixed amounts, or combine different promotions according to your own rules. You can set coupons to apply to certain products or categories only or any other way you want it. Coupons are shareable through email or social media, increasing your marketing exposure. All the more opportunity to increase your sales!

Gift Cards

Never miss an opportunity to boost sales in a festive season and Christmas. Let your customers buy gift cards that they can use to purchase in the future or give out to friends as gifts. You can also approach to corporate and specific customer groups in person or in social media and use this gift cards to invite them into your shop to purchase.

Loyalty Program

Reward your most frequent customers with loyalty points, which can be used later as currency for your store. More purchase means bigger loyalty points, which is a great reason for customers to keep coming back. If you want to give more then give bonus points for certain events or promotions. Remind your customers about their point balances that they can still use to purchase.

Partners Program

Expand your business by letting customers become affiliates and reward them with a percentage commission per sale they bring. Easy to use affiliates program will help you to attract more customers. The visibility of your online shop will also increase remarkably. Advance your promotion with visitors and customers telling their friends about your offers.

Seo Tools

Stay at the front of search results with our SEO tools and services. Each store has built-in optimization, Google analytics, google webmaster and merchant integration to help you stay on track and get ahead of the competition. Our dashboard will help you to set the product pages according to the google search engine standards to get your site on top in the google search.