Leaving and Receiving eBay Feedback as a Seller

Sharing feedback as a seller

Isn’t it true that each time you visit eBay and plan to buy something the first thing you would look at is the feedback that seller has received, Every time a buyer buys something or a seller sells something, there is a chance given by the eBay...

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How to convert negative feedback into positive on eBay

Convert negative feedback into positive on eBay

It is not just buyers who throng eBay to buy the latest products at rock-bottom prices but eBay is quite a favorite with sellers who want to start with their digital marketing campaign. Sellers all around the world find eBay a good platform to see...

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Tips For Getting Excellent Feedback On eBay

Tips for getting Excellent feedback on eBay

If you are serious about making money through eBay, one of the most important parts to pay attention to once you have created your online shop is obtaining top notch feedback and 5-star ratings for your products and the service you provide. When you list your...

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