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Effective tips to make eBay selling more profitable

The latest update on eBay has made many sellers worrisome – eBay has increased its store fee for sellers which means the road to profit is becoming, even more, tougher for those who are dreaming of building an empire through digital selling. For everyone who owns a showroom or is doing retail selling through a traditional medium, Digital selling may seem like a dream come true. The situation is not so easy, dear eBay sellers. With increased competition and ever-increasing fees charged by digital selling platforms, maintaining a good profit margin is the biggest challenge.

So here are a few practical tips that will help sellers achieve their goal:

  1. No point in beginning your digital selling campaign before analyzing whether the chosen platform is suitable for your kind/genre of product. The main observation point for the seller should be to choose the most popular platform keeping in mind the target group of his product. For example, Lifestyle products record better sales figure on Amazon rather than eBay.
  2. Fix your price diligently! While quoting your price on a digital platform, make sure to include incidental expenses as well. It would be foolish if you fix a price which does not cover eBay fees and shipment charges in case you plan to give FREE SHIPPING facility to the buyer. If you are availing the help of a digital media expert while managing your eBay listing, make sure to include that cost also marking up the price of your product.
  3. Explain your product nicely, both in words and with pictures. Remember, there is no salesman on the digital platform talking about the features or USPs of your product. Your description and the pictures given along with are the only way to impress the buyer. So this is one point where a seller needs to invest his or her time. The more time you spend planning pictures and description for your product listing on eBay more will be your chances of recording online SALE in spite of your product price being more than the competition.
  4. Be clear in your terms and conditions of Sale – Most of the sellers get excited when they sell their products within first few days only after registering with eBay; problems start arising when the buyers start acting pricey. The goods sold come back adding on to the expenses of eBay seller! This is what eats up the profits of an online seller. That’s why we recommend that you must mention your terms and conditions of delivery, acceptance, money payment, good return, and refund policy clearly to the buyer. One who discloses things in advance rarely loses his money.
  5. Continue the email communication - It would be wise if you can keep your communication channel with the buyers of past open! You can send them exclusive mailers telling them about new product listings or various offers/discounts etc. If buyers have been satisfied with their first purchase, they would surely come back again. More sales definitely mean more profit.
  6. Effective servicing - Last and the most important tip for all eBay sellers – digital selling is going through a cut-throat competition phase. So you cannot afford to delay sending the delivery or charge exorbitant prices or deliver inferior quality. You have to maintain your commitments and provide the best services to your online customers so to be in their good books. When you are efficient and effective in your services, your profits would surely go up!