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Tips For Cassini to Increase eBay Sales

Cassini is eBay’s search engine enabling the users to find the services, products, and information the user is either looking for or shopping for, this search engine was rolled out in the year 2013.

The same way other search engines like Bing, Google or Yahoo work, it is programmed to put together the pieces of data that the human search behavior indicates. Particularly the purchasing behavior, for example when a person visits eBay, the search engine tracks down the behavior like what listing they choose, bid on, watch or even purchase. Apart from this, the time they spent viewing the item and images they enlarged is also monitored.

Understanding Cassini

eBay has presented fundamental principles and few key metrics that they will use in calculating search rankings for sellers. Sellers who make good profits from eBay need to understand the basics of Cassini search engine.

  • Cassini is about shoppers:

Because Cassini is all about eBay shoppers, this search engine makes it convenient for the shoppers to shop on eBay, this engine returns relevant results, providing value and a great shopping experience to shoppers.

  • Cassini is data-driven:

Cassini wants to use the whole lot of data that eBay has on hand, such as market trends, preferences of buyers, market trends to return results to the buyer.

  • Cassini is values-driven:

The core values that drive Cassini are Relevance, value, trust, and convenience.

Cassini uses algorithms that match the buyer's term that he is searching for the Sellers' product details, the price, how long the listing has been there, the quality of the item, the shipping cost, shipping time, feedback rating, the number of viable items seller has listed, seller’s return policy and his compliance with eBay's rules and regulations and many other important points. Whatever product makes the highest score in the searched category goes on the top and is seen and likely to be purchased first.

Optimizing Your Listings for Cassini

  • Sell through calculation is old news, the similar type of calculation to rank listing for search results is no longer used, meaning it is no longer a very good thing for your listing to be seen unless it results in conversion.
  • Cassini relies on complete listing data that includes item specifics and description.
  • It has become very important for the sellers to categorize their listing appropriately.
  • Seller performance is also of high importance, it goes beyond feedback including things like buyer protection outcomes and eBay message responsiveness.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing; the used keyword, if not matched with the actual item, can hurt your impressions-to-transactions ratio, pushing you downwards in ranking.

In the end, it is important to note that if you're building more business and loyalty for eBay than the other sellers around you as per the huge data that eBay has, you will definitely prosper.