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Top products to sell online

You may already have a product or products in mind when you decide to create an online shop. It could be something you are familiar with, something you have made yourself or simply something that you think you could make money from. The important thing to think about before you get going is ‘will my products sell?’ No matter how wonderful you may think it is, you have to be convinced that this is a view shared by your potential customers, and even then you need to be able to flaunt your products in a way that makes people click to buy.

One of the most important things to do before opening your online shop is research. There is a wealth of information available which you can easily access and will give you important information about what kind of products sell best. You can study and analyze this information and use it to make an informed choice about what products you sell in your online shop and when.

So what are the products that sell the most successfully online? Now that the internet has provided consumers with the possibility of buying absolutely anything via the web from the convenience of our own homes, or even on the go, the number, and variety of products available to buy has grown year upon year. Huge companies such as eBay and Amazon have a whole host of products available which has made the best selling products fluctuate widely. However, there are some that seem to remain consistent despite trends are as follows:

Software and consumer electronics

This is no surprise, we are in an age where technology is making advances in leaps and bounds and people have become very much reliant on their devices to organize and enhance their lives. Software and consumer electronics are huge sellers, people want and need them and so they remain consistently at the top of the list.


With the birth of iTunes, Spottily, Amazon MP3 music and much more it has never been easier to download music onto your devices. Being able to download the latest chart toppers or an old album you haven’t heard in ages is all at the click of a button and a hugely popular way obtaining a diverse music collection that you can listen to wherever you go


Buying jewellery online has become increasingly popular. Hundreds of thousands of quirky, unique, handmade items have popped up all over the web. Jewellery is one of the most popular presents to give as gifts and so the market for online jewellery sales continues to grow and grow.


Flowers used to be bought in quaint little village shops or on the outskirts of towns. Now you can simply open your computer and select a beautiful bespoke bouquet to be sent wherever you want in the world.

Office Supplies

Everyone needs stationary at some point in their lives! Whether it is just getting the kids stocked up and ready for a new term or big businesses buying in bulk for its employees, sales of office supplies have consistently been one of the most popular and profitable products you can sell in an online shop.


Who needs to head to a library when you can buy books for a penny on Amazon? The market for selling books online is huge.


Nearly all big beauty brands now have online stores and you can buy cosmetics and have them delivered right to your door. Often buying cosmetics online can be cheaper than in store which has seen thousands flock to online outlets to make their purchases.


Clothes have always been big online money makers, and opening an online clothes store can be a great way to start earning a decent profit. Online platforms such as eBay are popular for sellers who wish to get rid of second-hand clothes, or those who sell as a hobby, however, most fashion brands have now set up their own online shops so you can have a brand new outfit delivered straight to your door. Many companies bulk buy clothes overseas and sell them at a higher price which can be a great money earner if you are willing to put the time and effort into your online shop.