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Promote Your Business Products like a PRO!

Whether you’re a full-time online entrepreneur, an occasional online seller or an aspiring owner of an e-commerce website, you need to know how to promote your goods so that people will actually buy them. It’s not enough that your merchandise is cool, trendy, eco-friendly, guaranteed for a lifetime or meant to support a charitable cause. If potential buyers don’t know they exist, your products won’t fly off shelves and into their shopping carts. When there’s slow and low traffic to your e-commerce website, you won’t close as many deals as you possibly could.

Minimize missed opportunities in your online venture. When you create an online store, you should practice different ways to publicize what you’re offering. By raising your current and prospective customers’ awareness about your product line up, you can motivate them to enjoy some retail therapy. But how can you promote your products like a pro if you’re not really an e-commerce expert? Follow our easy suggestions below and you’ll see a surprising spike in your sales.

1. Target the right audience for your products.

The Internet is filled to the brim with millions of products designed for different markets. A common mistake among e-commerce newbies—and a usual oversight among online business bigwigs—is failing to bring their products into the line of sight of people who want or need them. It’s difficult, sometimes even futile, to turn people into customers if they have no connection at all to the product you’re marketing. Think about groups and individuals who will benefit the most from your commodities, then advertise your products within their circles. Also, look for potential clients who can afford your merchandise and are likely to return, customers.


2. Take advantage of cart advertising in airports and shopping centers.

Just because you sell online doesn’t mean all your promotional strategies should be based online, too. Create an online store with unlimited products, but use physical public spaces to increase your store’s visibility. For instance, ads printed on carts in airports, malls, and groceries are seen by thousands of people daily. They easily grab attention and increase information retention. It’s an inexpensive way to promote your store and what’s in it, but you have to make sure that your brand name, URL, and logo are visible and easy to recall. If your products fall into different price categories, you can diversify your ads per location depending on your target audience.

3. Use your email signature to promote your products.

Exchanging emails are so common nowadays, but the email signature is underutilized as a marketing and advertising tool. After you create an online store with unlimited products, add your store’s URL to your email signature. You can tweak it now and then show clickable hyperlinked thumbnails of new arrivals, last few pieces, and discounted items. As the old saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words.”

4. Start a refer-a-friend discount program.

Word-of-mouth marketing is very powerful because many shoppers listen to people they trust. Reward your customers with discounts and exclusive access to limited edition merchandise when they invite other people to shop at your store. You can include a blinking banner about your discount program when you create your online store.