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Tanya’s Retail Therapy

Tanya loves being happy; letting go the hang-ups and spreading cheer is what she is known for. Most of us want to do that, be that, and look for an answer to, “How can I be like Tanya. She is so much fun.” You are now going to love me for helping you find the answer.

Ask Tanya her mantra and she quickly replies, “Retail Therapy, of course!”. “anytime I feel low or saddled with the burden I can’t easily manage, I tell myself, “Runaway girl. Don’t let those cheese gorging cravings and double chocolate devil's lure you into guilt. Rather, extend your hand and make friends with Chanel Dior, Burberry or do your little Prada catwalk.”

She truly believes retail therapy is one of the best De-stressors and works alike for almost everyone. Whether you need a quick fix over a fight or drown your sorrows of a stressful episode, a little retail therapy never hurt anyone, did it?

Tanya’s well-being mantra coupled with her love for retail got her family and friends thinking, leave alone her own idea of reaching out to more people. Turning passion into a business is not a new story. Tanya herself had read and heard a lot about how people turn their ideas into profit-making ventures. And that was it. Tanya decided to take the plunge too. She took expert advice on Brick and Mortar store versus an eCommerce business.

A few trips to malls scouting for a cozy store and contacting service providers left her exhausted, yet she couldn't see her love for retail fading. The one advice though which she got from a well-wisher held her back from going all out. “If you want to make this big and content, focus on what keeps you going. Listen to your inner voice. Let not the day-to-day operational activities drain your energy.”

Nevertheless, Tanya was committed to her idea and started experimenting at a small scale. eBay being a famous marketplace and a good starting point, she started selling fashion and beauty products online. It was not too difficult for her to sell since she chose very appealing and distinct items for her business, it was competitive out there, though.

In all things we like, there are ups and downs. She took two steps forward and one step back, nearly doing the tango with her passion. She picked up a few tricks on selling online and such a charmer she is, the rapport she shared with her customers was palpable even though they do not see each other ever.

Things started looking better, sales started growing and Tanya was overwhelmed juggling work.

Now, it struck her why the well-wisher said what he said. From sourcing products to listing them online, noting the order to making the shipment, everything was so equally important. But what was more disheartening for her was all this was moving her away from what she enjoys most - offering retail therapy. And whom does she offer to when she can’t seem to remember and know her customers well enough? Well, she has all her customer's information in a spreadsheet but when did it get fancy to keep it up to date? She exchanged some wonderful emails with her customers and is now unable to keep up with remembering names and telling them what she has in store just for them.

We all think emails are a perfect solution for communication - we can sort, filter, search past emails and take it up from where we left. Isn’t it? After all, it's just navigating through keywords and some combinations.

Sigh! In the world of keywords, we are forgetting the immense value of addressing someone with their name over calling them “Dear valued customer”.

That profound advice received earlier needed some real musing now. Her belief was still the same: Retail Therapy is the way. No hang-ups entertained.  

A plethora of advice and paucity of assistance is Tanya’s biggest challenge today. Tanya is determined to find a solution to keep the spirit high.

For retail therapy is not in actual spending, but the thrill is in scouting, on getting lucky and in the actual moment of purchase.

Stay tuned with us as we unfold other chapters of Tanya’s approach to retail therapy.