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How keeping fixed schedule for sale every year will help your e-commerce websites grow:

Hasn't it become a habit for most of us to start saving before Christmas to make the best out of black Friday, cyber Monday, or the free shipping days before Christmas? Yes, these sales have become as important as the festivals itself, major e-commerce sites like Amazon come out with prime day sales, thousands of lighting deals, JCPenney: 50,000 online deals, Wal-Mart: 2,000 exclusive online deals, etc. Customers never ever miss out on such deals, it has, in fact, become a ritual to wait and shop from scheduled sales and most of them fall on festivals and holiday seasons. It is there of an utmost importance that every e-commerce website comes up with such planned and scheduled offers to attract customer and stay ahead for the customers.

Online shopping is all about finding the best deal! And why not, by just sitting and surfing you can catch brilliant offers.

To gain the customer's loyalty, you have to allure them with exciting offers. For this, you can schedule those discounts and offers on a particular time so that the consumers be aware and prepared.

Let's look at the benefits:

Your Customers are prepared:

They know that the sale will be coming up; they might save for the big day or make a list of items they want to buy. If people know the sale is coming it gets convenient for them to make themselves available for the shopping, making the chances of them missing out on sales very low.

Vendors are easily be prepared with inventory:

Of course, if the vendors know that a sale is scheduled, the purchases will increase consequently. The vendors have to be prepared with sufficient inventory to take care of increasing sales.

Giving you an edge on the competition:

Nowadays major e-commerce sites come out with scheduled sales and in fact, in those days customers wouldn't prefer buying anything from a site, which has no discount. It sounds very logical too, hence in order to compete with those big names, your e-commerce site has to know those sales when they and what they provide. Hence having a scheduled sale on your website will do good.

Sales or discounts can be planned on various occasion and the most suitable times for these offers are:
  • Festivals
  • Holiday seasons
  • End of season
  • In some cases at the same time as your competitor

For scheduling these sales you require careful planning and an approach, which is in sync with all your vendors and staff.

The scheduling can start with
  • Deciding which sales you are going to participate in
  • Brainstorming to make the sales exciting and alluring
  • Determining the shipping deadlines of each region
  • Determining the return policy
  • Updating the new holiday policies on your website

Hence spending a couple of hours preparing, planning and then slowly executing your plans and rolling out your assets will help you in spreading a little holiday cheer!