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e-commerce trends for 2017

E-commerce with its record-breaking success has definitely proved its metal when it comes to comparing it with a brick and mortar shop. Our needs are changing, we have lesser time and more needs, this wind of change and indicative of the fact that E-commerce will not just survive but prosper with time. Let’s look at the trends of E-commerce which are likely to emerge in the year 2017.

Google Defiance:

Marketers are aiming for depending minimum on Google! There is no denying the fact that Google is widely popular and is in fact, a powerhouse engine for searches. It is evident that e-commerce stores will start looking for other ways to stay visible. Cutting down dependency on Google, brands value social media advertising and the marketing plans include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

The Rise of Automation:

In 2017, there already are automated robots offering size, color and fashion recommendations and advising. When your favorite items are back in stock will be commonplace in online retail further in future, it is estimated to be spread to all aspects of life. There are robots that can already mark our children's homework and provide real-time educational support.


Customers want what they want there is no right or wrong design for them. Everyone with their unique personality wants a product that suits them! Hence making it important for E-commerce to provide this option, giving your customers a fully customizable product and catwalk video fully displaying the products has become a trend now.

The Increase in Loyalty scheme:

When you got a customer you need to hold it, because of the vast choice in the market! The customers do have a tendency to drift. In today’s scenario customers definitely take the forefront, by introducing loyalty schemes, added value, warranties, complementary services and giving a good user experience will definitely help in retaining the customers.

Delivering as fast as you can:

To cut down the competition with brick and mortar shops it’s important to realize the importance of delivering the purchased product as fast as you can and looking at the trend followed in 2017, there are some sites delivering as early as in day’s window, customers now want to click and collect.

Analytics for a better understanding of customers and business:

Predictive and prescriptive analytics are becoming one of the rising e-commerce trends for 2017 for an average E-commerce business. Talking about the analytic basics, descriptive reports on what’s happened in the past and predictive analytics go a step further and turn that data into predictions to know what will happen next. And at last the Prescriptive analytics which goes one step further and gives you suggestions for what to do next to reach your stated goals, based on the data at hand.