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How to design E-Commerce website homepage to convert maximum customers?

A homepage is a page which creates an outlook of the website. It is the first page a person gets when a site is opened to browse. So, it has to be very intuitive and user-friendly. But, when it comes to e-commerce website it has to deal with utmost care as money is the concern at the back. It should be capable of attracting and engaging customers along with a help in earning good revenues.

Below are a few tips that can be followed to culminate best out of your e-commerce website…

1. Make it simple.

The foremost thing is to keep the site as simple as you can. This doesn’t mean removing photos and flash contents from the website. Design it in such a way that it can be easily operated and used even by a novice, it must show the company name along with a tagline. As according to a survey a slogan makes an impact of the brand on the viewer and helps the viewers to remember your site.

2. Easy search.

A homepage must be designed in such a way that it can help a user to find the product he needs. This can be done through by two ways, first by making a facility of search across the website and secondly by categorizing the stuff. If a person wants to find something, he can use search for that and if he wants the product of particular type he can browse through the different categories.

3. Be exclusive

You have to make visitors understand how your website or brand is different from others. You have to do something exclusive on your site homepage. This can be done by instantly showing the best deals on your site with a comparison to others, one can also sign contracts with some best brands to sell their products exclusively on your site, this will make you stand out of the queue and bring up the traffic over your site.

4. Knowing the consumers better.

Prior than the creation of the e-commerce website and analysis must be done which results in the understanding of the crowd over which the website is to be operated. This could be done by having various surveys and identifying the demands of the people. One should know the requirements of the buyer so that he can serve well by placing the high on demand items on the homepage and the chances of increasing the revenues too.

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5. Tell about yourself.

Your homepage must say something about yourself so as to make people aware who you are, what makes you different from other sellers. You can add a small video about this or have a little note of this on your homepage; this helps the visitors to remember you and make an image about you in their minds.

6. Add phone number.

With rising number of customers in the e-commerce business, many of the sites don’t include their contact details like a phone number. They do this to avoid unnecessary phone calls. You can take advantage of this if you are new to this business. You can put the phone number on the homepage of the site to create an impression of assistance and make them realize that you are willing to assist your customers.