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E-commerce websites changing trends

The world is changing and with the ever-evolving trend of technology the world is changing at a faster pace than you can ever imagine. With these winds of change, there is nothing that is left unchanged not even the world of retailers, they are going online and this is bigger than you can image. There is a major shift in the way people shop, compare prices or invest their hard earned money on. E-commerce websites are game changers and they bring with themselves competition and convenience at the same time. When I make the statement “E-commerce websites are changing the way we shop” I am implying that consumers nowadays:

    • Are spoilt with options
    • Their time is valuable
    • Online reviews impact the buying behavior of consumers
    • The sharing economy is prospering nowadays
    • Technology is leading to increased competition
    • Consumers now trust online stores

Change has definitely come and you better be ready!

The Impact of Internet on Consumer Behavior

The traditional shopping is simply about the customers purchasing their needs. This behavior is usually influenced by the advertising and brand promotion which attracts customers; he goes there and purchases goods. The convenience associated with the internet is mainly because of rapid technology development, which plays a vital role in the online shopping experience and e-commerce website design. The big fishes in the industry have already realized the impact of new technological advances and have thus incorporated technologies like 3D techniques and virtual reality to gain competitive advantage. Information technology and the Internet have helped in improving and providing a better quality of product information, which help shopper in decision-making. Through a range of surveys about the Internet usage, the growth of Internet is rapidly increasing since last decade, the number of Internet users in the UK has risen up to 22.7 million among 48.4% of the adult population and about 53% of Internet users have reported that shopping is a primary use of the Web. Also, a report on the Internet Development in China from CNNIC has released that there are 30 million users often shopping online and near 1/4 Internet users have online shopping experience. Both surveys show an increasing number of Internet users preferring online shopping as opposed to the traditional method of shopping.

Customers nowadays
    • Inspect reviews,
    • Compare product prices
    • Assess shipping fees,
    • and Expect information and
    • Expect high levels of customer service.

If any of these requirements fail to impress them, they simply navigate elsewhere to a competitor which offers them what they want or a better deal. Online business retailers can’t afford to make any mistakes as the online consumers who are not so loyal have a growing amount of choice laid before them.