What makes eBay different from all the other marketplaces?

How eBay is different

Rather than going and finding the best price for a particular item that they want to purchase, people opt for buying on eBay, which again offers different prices for the same item sold by different sellers making it a win-win situation for both buyers and the sellers, eBay is definitely...
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Facebook has added eBay’s Daily Deals

Facebook has added eBay’s Daily Deals to its Marketplace on mobile.

eBay has collaborated with Facebook by getting into the daily deals space, the deals of eBay can be shopped directly through Facebook, but once the transactions get over, the check out takes place on eBay’s website through a browser that is in the...
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Understanding Cassini to Increase eBay Sales

Tips For Cassini to Increase eBay Sales

Cassini is eBay’s search engine enabling the users to find the services, products, and information the user is either looking for or shopping for, this search engine was rolled out in the year 2013. The same way other search engines like Bing, Google or Yahoo work, it is...
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