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How eBay is different

Rather than going and finding the best price for a particular item that they want to purchase, people opt for buying on eBay, which again offers different prices for the same item sold by different sellers making it a win-win situation for both buyers and the sellers, eBay is definitely a lucrative marketplace and a trusted one as well, rather than falling into the hands of many fraudsters on the internet, the customers usually look for a brand name and a trusted marketplace.

Network effect:

eBay gained first-mover advantage by being the initial significant occupant of an online auction space market segment, resulting in a phenomenon called “network effect” whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it, but giving all the credit to network effect or the first mover marketing strategy will be unfair, as the company offered a good service and this, in fact, needs to be acknowledged.

eBay's customer acquisition ability:

eBay is extremely useful for small merchants to attract customers, they don’t mind selling at loss as long as they are able to capture new customers, not just the small merchants but even the large businesses get into the act when they want to dispose of excess inventory. Using eBay as a liquidation channel can be less expensive than using a traditional liquidator.


eBay keeps the buyers and the sellers happy, formulating rules that work in a balanced way to provide good services and equal opportunities to the buyers and the sellers, it makes sure that nobody goes empty handed and if any dispute arises it is treated justly.
eBay, the multinational e-commerce cooperation is a brand name in itself used world over with many loyal customers as well as sellers, eBay analyzes its data and constantly strives to improve the experience of whoever is using the site , eBay surely knows how to keep its customers happy making it stand apart from all the other e-commerce websites.