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How To Set The Store Layout Design or Page Layout Design?

Once you install any application, you need to set it in the layout of your store. In every application, there is settings and in that you will find display settings. You need to select the page and position where you want to display this application. Alternatively, you can - 

  • Go to Designs in store dashboard
  • Then click on display settings
  • In there, you can select the page where you want to display that module and click on Edit
  • Click on + to add a new application to display on page
  • Add the application and position of the application where you want to display.
  • Check the store after saving it

Please note this will change the layout of your website. If it won't be done correctly, it will disturb your design. Try to change the position and settings of the application to get it right. Ask us if you need any help or let us do it on your behalf. You can contact us from the support button in top bar. You can also check why it is not showing properly from here.

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