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Tips on how to convert the abandoned carts into sales

Shopping cart abandonment is irritating and annoying for sure, but it is not like you are completely rejected by your customer. It is something like they were considering you and then something happened that they could not proceed, there could be XYZ reasons, but this is not the end. Shopping cart abandonment can be disheartening but there is a lot that can be done about it, there are ways to allure your customers back or remind them of what they left behind!

Let's look at the way abandonment can be turned into sales:

  • Provide them with an incentive: most of the customers are looking for the best deal in the market because online shopping is all about that. The moment they get a better deal they just might leave your product, then why not attract them with a good deal, for example, giving them off or maybe a free shipment, trust us on this, good offers almost always work!
  • Follow up through email: Am sure many of you might have tried this already, all that matters is timing. You might automatically generate an email within an hour of abandonment, that remind the customer of you and he/she might just give it a second thought. Try not bombarding the customer with emails, which might irritate him. There has to be a proper interval between every email you send your customer, therefore every marketplace owner should have a good plan to follow.
  • Make editing the cart simple: A lot of times shoppers face problems editing the quantity of products or the address to be delivered, email address or even phone no. By making the editing easy you might be successful in selling your product, a lot of time when buyer face this issue they prefer abandoning their cart rather than following the whole procedure again.
  • Forget about registrations: A lot of times buyers are asked to register before making a purchase, this is time-consuming and a lot of people end up not buying the product. Try to make it hassle free for them, let them just go chose and buy rather than making them go through all these formalities.
  • Make your store Mobile friendly: Most of the shoppers shop from mobile and if your site isn't performing well it might just irritate the customer. A smooth running site is of utmost importance and every device needs a compatible programming for the site, by investing a little extra makes sure your site performs well on every platform. Many IT companies provide affordable services of developing mobile friendly apps, which makes it extremely easy for the customers to navigate through the stores and buy their preferred item.

A quick action and a good plan can save you a lot of customers, attract them to come back to you, turning them into loyal customers, hence cart abandonment should not be feared. But faced with courage and good strategies that help you win your customers back or at least come back and have a look at the item they chose to buy earlier.