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How to set keywords for your online store?

Do you want to know how to set keywords for making any business or online store popular and to help you find more customers through SEO ranking and traffic?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of any online business to get more customers. In this article; we will show you how to put up right keywords and SEO strategies for your store.

Setting up SEO and Keywords

Choosing from a variety of word combinations, you must always select the ones that are easy to remember, often used by people and the related to your store and your products. It helps you to target specific audiences through the right keywords.

Choosing the Keywords

There are two main pointers for you to select the right keyword for your online store. First, it must be related to what you sell in any online business shop, such as appliances, phones, clothing, toys, etc. From this, know the specific keywords that the customer might type into Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine to search the product customers are looking for.

For instance, if you sell phones and accessories, you might put up something like “Samsung Galaxy phones”, “iPhone accessories”, etc.

Knowing the Keyword’s Ranking

Of course, you won't know until you use a third party tool such as Google AdWords to test which keywords are more searchable than the rest. Try it and it can help you decide on which keywords will better boost your traffic.

Using the Keyword Planner

All you need to do is type in some keyword ideas and set specifics like language, country and then click on “Get Ideas” and you should have an idea on which words work best and are the most searchable from your suggestions.

Number of Keywords

Keyword density largely depends on your site or store and the popularity of the topic. For instance, if you know that there are many phone shops online, you will have severe competition whereas if you have a shop for rare hobby items, it will be easier to top rank it.

The keywords you should use must be closely related to your shop, even if it is a very common item, such as a mobile phone, and if you do, go for a particular brand or model, if you do not wish to compete with high-ranking search keywords and target specific audiences instead.

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Keyword Variations

Just as there is no single person with the same thing in mind all the time, search keywords can vary depending on how many word articles and conjunctions you may put on them, making search keywords a bit trickier but can still be easily organized.

Using FreeMind mapping tool allows you to categorize all the keywords you have produced and thought of thus so far.

The Customer is Always Right

SEO tactics may sound like it’s going to get you a lot of traffic, but you have to think like a human and not like a machine. What’s the set of keywords that people are more likely to search? Ask yourself, ask your friends, then formulate the best keywords you can.

Knowing the right keywords for driving traffic towards your site can be tough, but once you have done enough research and review, you can easily get customers to your store online.