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Make safer eCommerce experience buying online for your customers

Creating brand loyalty is vital for your e-commerce website to continue to attract customers feel safe shopping throughout their experience. Although many individuals feel secure shopping online, others believe that they will eventually become the victim of a security failure at some phase during their lifetime. The key to any online business is to ensure that 100% trust is maintained with customers so they return regularly and bring their friends and colleagues with them.

Some of your customers will have experienced fraud in one form or another, through online shopping and the theft of their credit card or PayPal information. Others will have suffered through identity theft.

Customers know that fraud exists

Your customers are realistic and understand that fraud increases the cost of insurance, products and provides a considerable amount of hassle for weeks or months as the mess is eradicated from their records.

Those customers, while expecting a rapid e-commerce experience, will not be unhappy or inconvenienced through a slight delay where this clearly indicates that you have taken every action so they are better protected against crime.

By being honest with your customers, you help alert them to the problems that exist with online purchases. This gives them the confidence in knowing that you understand the problem and can show how you are constantly dealing with and updating your security measures.

Treat your stores like bricks and mortar experience

By showing your customers the high levels and quality of your security measures in place, you provide assurance and willingness for people to trade through your store.

When they walk into a store in a shopping mall, they can see your levels of security. By planning ahead, you can guide your customers through and around your online security so they can feel the actions you have taken to protect their experience.

When you are a new brand to your customer and not an obvious global superstore, you must gain the trust of your customers as quickly as possible. Individuals are happy to look inside new stores to see what is available, but will only purchase when they feel sufficiently educated to trust you and complete the sale using a card from their wallet.

Help your customers by:

  • Providing a telephone number sends a secure message that you are contactable by your online customers. They might never call you, but feel safer in the knowledge that they are able to.
  • Offering customers a variety of ways to pay gives the individual the opportunity to choose the method they feel safest to use in your environment, especially when they have never heard of you before a Google, search five minutes ago.
  • By choosing to offer a variety of methods of payment, the customer will believe you are a bigger and more trustworthy organization.
  • Customers often purchase through emotions. This is why it is important that they feel safe as they travel to your store.

Purchases will only complete their transactions when they customers feel safe and trust your store operation, particularly when you are new to them. Have friends conduct business through your E-commerce website and provide you with valuable and truthful feedback with opinions about the safety and security of your website and, in particular, your e-commerce operations.