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Get Some ideas for products to sell online

Do you have dreams of making money online? You could make and sell your own product or you could act as an affiliate marketer and sell a product for a commission. Whichever method you favor, it all begins by knowing which products actually sell. Here’s how to find out.

No Competition? No Way

In the world of eCommerce, there’s a dangerous misconception that competition should have you running. It’s true that you don’t want to create an online shop that will put you up against much bigger competitors, but you also don’t want to plant your flag into virgin territory either.

If you have no competitors, it might be because there’s absolutely no interest in what you want to sell. Some competition means there’s potential. While you should set your sights on the entire pie, just taking a piece of it, for now, could still equal a healthy profit.

Assess Demand

What the best online store builders do is assess demand first. It’s ok, to begin with, something you love. In fact, make a list of things you would like to sell, either as an affiliate marketer or by making your own. Of course, if you’re thinking about the latter, be sure you’re actually able to make the product or pay for its production.

There are a few easy ways to assess demand. One is to check Google AdWords. Start an account for free and start entering in words and phrases related to your ideas. Google will show you just how much they’re being searched for.

A lot of people know to do that, but the best online stores also know to check Google Trends, where you can actually see whether or not a search phrase is growing or falling in popularity.

Finally, check out eBay completed listings and the What’s Hot list on Amazon. Again, these are tricks of the trade used by the best online stores to make sure there is demand for a product before they invest in them.

Know Your Strengths

We touched on this above, but it’s vital that you actually know something about the product you plan on selling. Once upon a time, a lot of people were able to make money with absolutely no passion for their product. Today, that’s nearly impossible.
There’s just too much competition out there. If you can’t speak about a product confidently, that will come across and would-be customers will become skeptical. Those who get really excited about their inventory will quickly overtake you.


Furthermore, in today’s day and age, the best online stores are those who use inbound marketing to get attention. This means that before they make a sale, they know they’ll be giving away lots of information to their market: how the product works, why it’s so great and other relevant advice. If you’re unable to do this, it’s going to hurt your bottom line.

Want to be one of the best sellers? It all begins by knowing how to find the right products to sell. While other ingredients are important for a winning recipe, this one is absolutely essential to get right.