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Tips for the sellers to make it easy for the purchaser to buy online

Buying online is a two-way process. The customer needs to complete their purchase easily and the online store owner wants to make it easy for customers to buy products or services. How can you ensure that these demands are perfectly matched?

1. Make it easy to buy

Customers are used to adding items to a shopping cart and then checking out when their cart is full, both online and in real stores.
Any online business that puts too many obstacles in a customer’s way, risks that individual leaving the website without making a purchase. What is even worse for the online business is the chance that the customer may have added items to the cart, and still not completed the purchase.
A great website will update the customer by informing them that they left items in the cart and didn’t complete the purchase. One simple click can take the customer direct to the cart so they can part with their hard earned dollars.

2. Use an easy checkout system

For anyone who has purchased regularly through Amazon, they will have experienced the simple one-click purchase method because both Amazon and the customer have built up a high level of trust which complements each other. Amazon knows that the payment method has worked consistently before. The customer understands that a secure payment system is used online, with very little opportunity for fraudulent behavior by criminals.

3. As few clicks as possible are required

Individuals touring your website do not wish to continually keep clicking on their mouse to inspect items and eventually find a way to pay for them. There should be easy opportunities for the customer to make one simple click to send an item to the cart or to move directly to the checkout.

4. Paying must be easy

Customers understand that security is important throughout the checkout process, but any security and system that makes it difficult for a customer to input their information and receive a near instant result will result in lost sales.

5. Send an instant email

A purchaser will always admire an online business that sends an instant confirmation of the order and payment to a specific email address. Where a customer must go through the login process again to clarify any details from the order, they may think twice about using your store again.

To encourage customers to return to you regularly and also invite their friends and colleagues to look around your Create online store, your business must make shopping fun and be paying, easy. As soon as you present difficulties to the customer, you risk them going elsewhere and telling all of their friends via their rapid social media links.

Where you are able, contact your customers and ask them for their opinions. They will be pleased to tell you if your online store makes it easy to add items to a cart and complete a purchase. Equally, they will be quick to tell you where you are slowing down a purchase opportunity. Listen and learn from your customers.