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eBay Sellers Challenges in coming Future

There are a whole lot of "do's" and "don'ts" out there for you to follow if you are an eBay seller. Well, to be honest, this online platform despite being among the best to sell your products on, has some major challenges. Not that we are undermining the many perks that a vendor enjoys on eBay but then again there is always a more unpleasing aspect to every good thing.

Some of the biggest risks and challenges that any eBay seller would be required to face in their normal course of activities are, first of all, difficult buyers. Now, you may think that this one thing is kind of a universal truth and that it’s nothing more than a usual, everyday concern. So, yes, difficult customers do exist everywhere, but they’re a different story on eBay. Things tend to get a tad bit more complicated for the seller when their customers can't inspect the goods displayed. Before any purchase, a customer comes across a rather wide range of goods. These are new, partially used, completely unboxed or used, top quality, discounted, import quality, export surplus, recent or vintage, or complete, parted out, and so much more. This means that customers just don't know what to expect. So if the product does not live up to their expectations or just downright fails to perform, bam! A negative feedback hits the seller like a truck and they are under a pile of god knows what. This permission to publicly leave a negative comment or poor seller ratings works to sink their business and makes eBay a rather risky platform to carry on business at.

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There are fulfillment problems as well. If you are a seller that uses a fulfillment partner or service then you are going to be perceived as a “good” or “bad” seller based on their ability to timely deliver the product. While most shipping partners whose core competencies are nothing but order fulfillment work seamlessly, but other retailers that work as fulfillment partners can pose a risk to your fulfillment process which is a common occurrence at eBay.

Beware of PayPal! This payment gateway, though convenient in many ways is still not a seller’s best pal. You can’t really block all the feedback or charge-backs that you receive from your buyers, so instead, they block YOU. That is the reason that many eBay sellers are not able to bring in enough and regular cash flow. If there is repeated poor feedback or very large amounts of cash-backs, then sellers run the risk of their accounts being closed down by both eBay and PayPal.

Let’s say if they do make amends and reregister with eBay while ensuring to be more careful this time around; what would happen? The retail giant has made it a point to lock out those accounts almost immediately with the help of their deep database cross-referencing. Ouch! Seems like there is a lot more than what meets the eye on internet shopping. Our best wishes are with the sellers as we believe online selling holds maximum potential; all you need to do is be on the right platform at the right time!