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eBay is making changes in their seller policy and introduced eBay spring 2017 update in order to meet the demands of today’s marketplace and in order to invest in more resources to ensure the success of sellers.

Stores Updates

The final value fees for Store subscriptions will increase from May 1, 2017, as shown below, given for each category.

Product categories:

Category1: computers, tablets and networking, video games, consoles, heavy equipment, concession trailers and carts, Imaging and Aesthetics Equipment and Commercial Printing Presses. The final value fees for this category will be 4 Percent starting May 1st, there is no change from the previous percentages.

Category 2: consumer electronics, cameras, photos, stamps, coins and paper money, the final value fees will be 6.15 Percent, .15 percent change from the previous rates.

Category 3: Musical Instruments and gear (leaving pro audio and DJ equipment) the final value fees will be 7.15 Percent,.15 change from the previous rates.

Category 4: Motor Parts, accessories, automotive tools, and supplies. The final value fees will be 8.15 Percent, again a change of .15 percent change from the previous rates.

Category 5: clothing, shoes, accessories, home and garden, collectibles cameras and photos accessories, cell phone accessories, jewelry and watches, sporting goods, toys and hobbies, health and beauty, books relating to business and industry, DVD and movies, Music and video games. The final value fees will be 9.15 Percent, again a change of .15 percent change from the previous rates.
And then there is a category of Non-store subscribers, where there is no change from current rates that are 10 Percent.

eBay Top Rated Seller changes:

In order to meet the buyer’s expectations and retail standards changes are being made, in this particular top rated seller changes the discount fee will change from 20% to 10% from May 1st onwards.

The requirement of tracking for qualifying as a Top Rated Seller status will now increase from 90 to 95 % from June 20, 2017. It will be required for top rated sellers to upload a shipment tracking that has to be done within handling time which was promised, for at least 95% of the transactions with US buyers in last three months.

And all the top rated sellers are also eligible to a 30 dollar credit each quarter so that promoted listing campaigns can be created, currently; the promoted listing credit is 25 dollars. The credit can be utilized to advertise the listing all across eBay.

Listing Visibility changes:

In order to make the sellers more visible the eBay is removing third party product listing ad across the entire platform of eBay, the ads will be replaced by eBay promoted listings, the ads that take buyers off eBay will be removed in order to enhance eBay seller visibility, this move will reduce competition from external sources.

Shipping Tools changes:

For greater accuracy and more control over shipping time and costs. eBay introduces new shipping rate tables that are location specific, with this, sellers will be able to provide more accurate shipping charges, the ability to customize the days you work and the cut off time for the same day shipping with the help of new calendar tool.

eBay has made these changes because the Sellers had asked for being able to provide accurate shipping times and charges to buyers according to the region the shipping has to be made, and flexibility to customize the days they work and cut-off times for same-day handling.

All these changes are for the sole purpose of making the selling experience of the sellers easy and successful, also the buyers will enjoy the consequences of the changes made making eBay a better place to shop with each update.