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Things that are difficult to sell on eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are two of the largest and finest online platforms that make for the perfect opportunity for sellers from all over the world to sell their products. There are indeed certain items that are prohibited on these platforms due to legal implications and restrictions particular to the country or the state. That is a different question altogether but when we consider things that are actually allowed it is still quite difficult to believe that they are not that easy to sell online. It is ironic since these products have a huge market across continents and many vendors end up making a lot of revenue if they succeed at it. They continue to gain along the way but there is always a but, and the reason for that is that these products fall under a sort of a danger zone. This danger zone entails a lack of surety and conviction on the consumers’ part as to the relevance and suitability of the product that makes them difficult to sell on eBay or Amazon.

Designer watches & Health wearables

This is one category that is largely preferred by youngsters and the fashion conscious generation. More often than not these products are not easy to use or do not fit the wearer or function as expected and thus face either negative review or get returned. There are many instances when the item goes out of fashion or becomes technically obsolete and then the seller ends up selling them at throw away prices just to break even.


These fall under the category that cannot be bought in single quantity as the total price including the delivery and handling charges does not justify the number of items received. In case the consumer buys in bulk or in packs, it might just be a bigger blunder as the product might not be of the desired quality or fit or comfort level. So in both the cases the customer is skeptical and return in such cases is next to impossible. So yes, it is another thing that is very difficult to sell on eBay or Amazon.

Mobile Phones

While many users continue to buy mobile phones online, and the exclusive launches continue to entice and invite customers from around the globe, the number of sellers that do not find it easy to sell these products online is still staggering. The biggest limitation here is that an online buyer of mobile gets very limited services! They end up complaining of lack of or no service to them as they are given less preference over customers who make a purchase at the local retail shop. In some cases, companies have the right to deny services to customers who have made an online purchase. Therefore, this lack of after sales services is a big turn off many which make it difficult to sell mobiles on eBay and Amazon.

Grooming Products

Grooming and beauty care products come under consumables and once opened cannot be returned or exchanged online. Whereas if you visit a local store in your neighborhood, your friendly superstore owner might let you take a sniff or drop of the body lotion from an open bottle to test its fragrance or any skin reactions. So clearly, once opted for an online purchase, you are stuck with it till the bottle empties.


Makeup items and cosmetic kits are another kinds of consumables and they perish easily too under extreme conditions. Many buyers are of the opinion that they are not getting the right product since they haven’t tested it on their skin for suitability. Hence, they are again something that becomes more difficult to sell on eBay and Amazon.

So have a look at this list and decide for yourself; do you want to display theses items online for sale or are you fine with your current product portfolio?