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3 Services Every Online Seller Should Ask For

Today, eCommerce is social; it is blooming, growing at an exponential rate and it is estimated that US retail sales alone will reach a $200 billion mark this year!  A multitude of  online store hosting providers, the advent of pricing tools, a range of designs and themes to choose from, bespoke payment and shipping modules and exceptional customer service standards have all combined to create a new wave of opportunities in commerce.

To add excitement to these opportunities are the customers and the social media platforms. The emotions online sellers experience are almost palpable, considering how dramatically situations can turn when they spend valuable time analyzing market trends and yet each transaction might unfold something new and every customer is dealt with personally!

There is no denying that the tools that most eCommerce service providers offer are absolutely amazing. One cannot imagine not having a ready shopping cart and plug-ins to add new features without disturbing the main system. With this kind of competition conducive to stellar growth, you don’t want to miss the boat. Fast, easy, secure, SEO friendly and compatible with multiple platforms is what every eCommerce entrepreneur wants for their online presence.

Like any retail venture, in eCommerce, to customer delight is the biggest thing. In fact, it’s so much more important for online sellers to work towards customer satisfaction and beyond, because the customer can switch to a competitor at the click of a mouse. Literally.

With online sellers being swamped  with tons of new practices to keep up to and integrate into their business, where do you think they need to give most of their time and attention? Differently put, where do you think they need the most support and what can enable them to prioritize tasks?

Can another tool help?

No. Not Really. It will only add one more thing to their task list which they need to do themselves.

The thing about support is, it’s often misunderstood. When we ask for support, we want assistance to get things done. What we get instead is advice.

At EasyStoreHosting (ESH), our mission is to stay true to providing real support and with Tech Genie’s on our team, our clients must stay on top of eCommerce technology.

How Do We Achieve Our Mission?

By keeping things simple for our clients and investing effort in things that keep them and us competitive.

What Do We Actually Do For Our Clients?

1) We DO things for them. No Do-It-Yourself. No Cold Scripts.

We serve as an extra set of hands, a virtual assistant. We believe customer service is about having a conversation and thus, with ESH by their side, our clients never face cold scripts or  follow a set of DIY instructions on how to configure a payment gateway or select a shipping strategy.

You Instruct, We Do.

Want to add a logo? Send us the image and we will set it up.

Want to import eBay listings? Send us the .csv file and we will do the rest.

We like to keep things simple. No requisition forms. Just simple email.

With this approach, our clients can refocus their efforts on what they do best in their new-found free time. For a business to grow and succeed it needs a strong backbone and that is exactly what we aspire to be.

2) We build their bespoke online stores

The above approach is backed by the belief that customization is the key.Each of us has a unique way of presenting ourselves, and ESH is valued lies in appreciating that aspect.

From customizing a store theme, integrating custom modules and plugins, changing the color scheme to match the logo, identifying an image for a banner, manage product categories and more, ESH offers an entirely fresh approach to doing virtual business in a highly competitive market.  If you ever want assistance to write product descriptions, we will be glad to team up.

ESH client testimonial

3) We make their products visible at lightning fast speed

Since consumers prefer to shop from an online store where they can easily control what products they see and the ability of the search engine to scan the products for them, ESH leverages intelligent system- Faceted Search functionality. This function not only enhances the search visibility but does so at a lightning fast speed. This makes it easy for potential consumers to quickly spot most relevant search by listing down all the possible options related to the search term.

That, in turn, helps to keep the consumers engaged and eventually increasing the conversion from browser to buyer.

The below images aptly explains how exactly this system works and how incredible is it for an online store.

L M 2L M 1

Unmatched Technical Expertise and Support Execution - with ESH, your online store is in good hands.