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Online productivity tips for work on personal computers

We spend a lot of time on our PC than we did before! Be it personal work or professional, computers have become a vital part of our lives. The question that arises is that of productivity, how can we increase our productivity? There are multiple shortcuts and automated features, which we should make use of and lots of them we don't even know about.

It's not every day that you come across the blogs about some cool online productivity tips, which help you, breeze through your work while working on a PC.

Here are some suggestions and tips that will make your work easier:

Sending Out Similar Emails Repeatedly? Canned Response Will Help

Copy-paste and drafting your emails is a thing of past. When you have to send the same sort of mail to a number of people time and again, canned response come to your rescue e.g. thank you, birthday, new year, proposal mails. This functionality provided by Gmail lets you easily enable canned responses, compose and save the responses for future use.

Streak For Gmail-Manage Your Customer

Manage customers directly inside your Gmail! You don't need to go back or forth between your inbox and other tools, as you can easily group all emails from a customer or a deal in a box, with streak you can easily

  • Keep track of status and details of each customer
  • Shares boxes within your team and keep everyone informed and connected
  • See every email between a customer and any member of your team, right in your inbox
Send Mass Mails Easily With Mail Merge

Streak presents you with the feature of mail merge, where you can send gmail messages with attachment to many people and unlike us, CC and BCC feature each recipient will receive the mail as if it was sent solely to him /her. You can also use email tracking for knowing if it was read or not, you are also able to schedule your emails! What’s better than that, it saves you time and energy and increases your productivity too.

With Mail Merge you can import Google Contacts into the sheet so you don't have to type the email addresses of your contacts.

The messages you send out have the same information but certain parts of the email are different and each person in the mailing list is addressed individually.

Upgrade Your Copy Paste With Clipboard Managers!

The good old cut and paste are gone with the wind! The clipboards managers in the market have definitely taken over, with their speed and efficiency. There are many in the market, to name a few ditto for windows and clipIt for Linux to make your life easy. Ditto comes with features like defining hotkeys for frequently used clippings, Ditto has Unicode support so you can paste non-standard and foreign characters. It supports copy of a plain text, formatting and images capturing too.

Another copy paste tool that falls into this category is clipit for Linux this clipboard manager comes with features such as saving history, global hotkeys and excluding specific items from history.

Avoid Human Errors Much More Precisely With Grammarly!

This tool takes care of your grammar, you save the time to recheck your documents again and again. It checks your grammar and spelling mistakes with saving time. You can write effectively in smaller duration and also provides a learning experience.

These tools can lead to a speedier and more efficient, take out time to get to know them and thank us later 🙂