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5 Great Ways To Make Money While You Sleep

Digital Revolution provides an opportunity for almost anyone. Whatever may be your skills, interest, a thing that you do best, or just a eureka moment, establishing a business could be just a click away. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Now, that’s the part of the digital revolution that we love most.

As we talked earlier, free shipping and fast delivery are moving from being a luxury to a necessity. Taking one step further, “Here and Now” is the new definition of “Fast delivery”.

Here are 5 products you can create once and sell multiple times. And the interesting part is they get delivered when you are asleep! No hassle to box, pack, ship and track.

1. Turnkey Websites

A turnkey website is one that is created as a plugin. The buyer can put it on their server and its up and run. Designing turnkey websites are a great idea if you have an eye for design and skills of a web developer.

In a similar vein, website templates are also good digital products to sell. The upside of this idea is that there is a scope for extra income if the customer wants customization to suit their needs.

2. Website Scripts

More and more people are making their own websites and blogs and as we know, technology is a different ball game. Not everyone is trained to be a programmer. In spite of a multitude of DIY tools available in the market, certain technical glitches are best addressed by an expert. Oftentimes, we run into problems and look up for help menu. There is so little we all understand about technical terms, though.

If programming is an area of your interest and you believe you are a tech genie, create bespoke scripts that can solve specific problems.

3. Recipes

See what’s topping the 2015 Trend Charts on Pinterest! A big trend online lately is food: posting pictures of food, creating nostalgia with traditional family recipes, food reviews, food blogging, food fusion, etc. People are always looking for new and perhaps quick ways to make tasty dishes. If your passion is cooking or baking, you have a huge chance to turn it into a business. That would be a real example of “fun at work” because all you are going to do at “work” is enjoy what you love best - cooking!

Your secret sauce could be your recipe for success.

4. Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. And it could be worth a thousand bucks too. As they say, “A Birth Certificate says you were Born, A Death Certificate says you Died. But Pictures Say you Lived”.

Google search bar provides a separate tab for “Images” and isn’t that a good enough proof that people love pictures? We use it to convey thoughts, feelings and mainly to make a long story short. Think Shutterstock, photogram, iStock. Thank You. Photography is an industry in itself and one of those industries which have capitalized on the advances that digital technology has to offer.

If you are a lensman, if you can demystify your DSLR and also capture amazing moments with a simple point-and-shoot camera, and create compelling stories about your pictures, then eCommerce and social media is the ultimate tool to get started with your business.

5. Videos and Courses

Today, when almost everything is readily available, you may think teaching and learning are obsolete. That’s not true. Udemy is a perfect example of learning being still in vogue. Udemy has more than 8,000 courses being taught to 800,000 students. That’s immense!

Human species is still evolving. We still want to learn, add value, do meaningful things, make a difference and of course, compete. And for that, we want to be equipped with skills and knowledge.

Digital platform is a great way to share what you know. You can create coursework and videos on almost anything : crafting skills, quick fix tips for everyday home disasters, hair styling, effective meeting presentations and much more from all walks of life.

Why you should consider selling digital products

1. Here and Now - Instant delivery without stocking and shipping process.

2. Low cost - Digital products eliminate costs like shipping, storage, and warehouse management.

3. The World is your horizon - woo customers across the globe.

4. Allows you to ignite your passion - you can create your own product without spending a fortune on infrastructure.

5.Make money while you are asleep - runs as an automated business.

EasyStoreHosting can make the transition to selling digital downloads seamless. It integrates your product type/s perfectly and lets you sell your digital downloads at ease.

Since digital selling offers a lot of flexibility you can also consider it as a source of passive income. Sell your E-Products when creative juices flow and you may stall the selling when you are drained of it!