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Most Common Problems eBay sellers Face

eBay is the buzzword; both buyers and sellers are choosing to be on this platform until they realize that it’s no more fun! Yes, you read it correctly. There is not much fun and excitement for a seller on eBay and for all valid reasons. So if you are planning to put up your product listing on eBay and get registered as a seller, we invite you to be aware of the problems that may arise for you on eBay. And all those sellers who have already paid the eBay fees and are hassled by so many problems happening day to day, you may find some solution in this article for the 5 most common problems faced by eBay sellers.

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1. Extreme competition

The first thing, both a buyer, as well as a seller notice on eBay, is that there is no dearth of products and listings and people selling the same kind of product. While competition may work in favor of the buyer as he or she is able to get a discounted item; it certainly works against the sellers. Simply because some sellers are selling duplicate or inferior quality stuff which might look the same as your listing. Their bad quality product gets sold quickly owing to cheaper price while you have to wait for a wise buyer to see the difference between quality product and an inferior one without paying much attention to the price difference. So, in general, revenues are not an easy thing to earn on eBay! You can tackle this problem by giving best possible details and pictures in your product listing.

2. Negative Feedback

No one can please everyone! There is bound to be a buyer who would find fault in your delivery service or product quality, that too without a reason. He would not just stop with fault-finding; he would go on with his mission of spoiling your reputation by writing an alarming like a review. So what should an eBay seller do in such a case? You can click on this link to see many ways of addressing a bad review. But the consensus remains – negative reviews hurt eBay sellers a lot and they have not much support from eBay authorities in this case.

3. Fraudulent buyers

Beware sellers eBay has seen more frauds done by buyers than sellers. Common fraud types include fake payments from fake PayPal accounts, fake review pictures and claiming a refund as well as keeping the product and refusal to pay for the purchase. The best way for the seller to protect himself is to communicate properly all terms and conditions with the buyer. The sad News in this is that you may not get much help from eBay authorities as they follow their buyer protection policy religiously.

4. Refunds

This is what hurts the sellers most, financially. If the buyer does not like the quality of the product or may find anything unpleasant in the delivery, he has all the rights to cancel the purchase and ask for a refund. In this case, sellers suffer a double loss. Loss of revenue, as well as the time and resources, invested in packaging and shipping a product. That’s what brings down the profits expected by sellers on eBay. As a seller, you can save yourself the trouble by making it clear in your communication with the buyer that no refund will be done in a case of disapproval. The buyer can take another product from you in exchange rather than returning the product and claiming his money back. But all this needs to be communicated prior to sales.

5. Ever-increasing eBay Fees

For those sellers who are still in doubt whether to be on eBay or import their listing on some other online shopping portal or their website, we advise them to take a look at the new Fee rules launched in spring 2016 whereby the burden on seller has increased considerably. As per the latest update of May 2016, eBay basic Store fee has increased by $12 per quarter while Premium Stores fee has been raised by $30 per quarter.

Moral of the story is – eBay is not the ultimate destination for online selling; wise sellers are always looking for better options where they face lesser problems and have higher prospects of earning good revenue.