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Active Content Updates for eBay sellers

Starting Monday, June 26th, eBay is asking it’s sellers to replace active content in the listings, active content is a term used to cover different types of non-standard text that are included in the description of the item and provides additional functionality, this, in turn, creates longer load time and can cause security issues. eBay, in its endeavors to create the best shopping experience, is asking its sellers to replace active listings now and enjoy the selling experience without any interruption. These changes have already been implemented in the European sites.

How can a seller know if his listings contain active content?

Since March 2017, emails are being sent to the sellers, alerting them about the listings that contain active content.

In case you haven’t read any, please follow the given steps to know if your listing contains active content.

Sellers need to make sure that their listing is compliant with the active content changes when using a third party listing tool and templates.

Active content in your listings, for example, JavaScript and Flash,

  • Hinders mobile purchases,
  • Creates longer load times, and
  • May be prone to security vulnerabilities.

Therefore eBay has made it mandatory for sellers to replace the active content in the listings before it is disabled in all listings across each and every device.