Ways to improve the designing of your website

Hacks for Designing of your website

Designing an enchanting website, that captures your customer's attention and makes them stay longer is great for every eCommerce business. Make your website a visual treat to your customer, while making the website UX/UI are of great significance and make all the difference.

It is...

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5 Reasons to sell on Marketplace, The One-Stop Shop for Everything

Advantages To Sell On Marketplace

According to a recent study convenience and ease of use are the main reasons marketplaces are extremely popular.

Let's look at the 5 reasons to sell on marketplaces and why everyone loves to buy from it.


Ailish is looking for a...

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How does eBay and Amazon handle conflict resolution

How does eBay and Amazon handle conflict resolution between customer and vendor?

The biggest challenges in today’s marketplaces come across are conflicts between customers and vendors. Where marketplaces are responsible both for buyers and sellers, it's a resolution and not just “customer is always right approach” can be followed. For running a...

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eCommerce Multi Channel Management — Do’s and Dont’s

eCommerce Multi-Channel Management - Do's and Dont's

When it comes to e-commerce, some online business owners do not necessarily explore all the possibilities and just focus on one website with SEO-driven traffic, not knowing there could be other sources of income and improvement from their online shop. Here are some interesting channels...

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