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Leaving and Receiving eBay Feedback as a Seller

Sharing feedback as a seller

Isn’t it true that each time you visit eBay and plan to buy something the first thing you would look at is the feedback that seller has received, Every time a buyer buys something or a seller sells something, there is a chance given by the eBay...

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5 Questions You Might have About eBay Seller Account Login

Queries You Might have About eBay Seller Account Login

The very first step in starting the selling process on eBay is the one where you open a seller’s account, selling on eBay is easy and can result in good profit, creating a seller account involves confirming the name and address, the phone...

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Future e-commerce trends for 2017

e-commerce trends for 2017

E-commerce with its record-breaking success has definitely proved its metal when it comes to comparing it with a brick and mortar shop. Our needs are changing, we have lesser time and more needs, this wind of change and indicative of the fact that E-commerce will not just survive...

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Understanding Returns and eBay’s Money Back Guarantee

eBay's money back guarantee and returns policy

When they started out in 1995, nobody would have imagined that eBay would become a success story and a multimillion-dollar business operating in roughly thirty countries. The mission of this online marketplace remains the same over the years, but the buying and selling policies have...

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