How To Set The Store Layout Design or Page Layout Design

How To Set The Store Layout Design or Page Layout Design?

Once you install any application, you need to set it in the layout of your store. In every application, there is settings and in that you will find display settings. You need to select the page and position where you want to display...
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How To Add Banner /Slideshow Or Change It

How To Add banner Or Change the Banner/Slideshow?

  • In store dashboard, go to Designs
  • Click on banners or slideshow
  • Now go to manage banners
  • Add your banners and click on save
  • Now go to banner or slideshow module
  • Fill the details and do appropriate settings
  • Set the page and layout in display settings
  • Then click on save and check it on...
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How To Change The Theme?

How To Change The Theme?

You can choose your preferred theme from our wide range of premium theme templates. It is recommended to use the professionally designed templates. If you have anything in mind, contact to us on [email protected] and we will help you to design your store the way...
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