Import eBay Listings

Create your own online store from eBay listings with our unique eBay Products Import Tool

You can create and manage an affordable web presence in addition to the products you offer on eBay.

In a perfect world, you may be looking for a solution which integrates sales activities of both, your own online store and through your eBay account; not once but at all times.

Your perfect pick search begins and ends here with EasyStoreHosting’s acclaimed tool.eBay Import Listings

eBay Products Import tool is a simple solution which automatically sources all product details from your eBay store, directly populates to your own online store with same information such as product title, categories, descriptions, images, etc.

While it extracts data from eBay store, it also arranges all your product information the same way as you have listed on eBay, thereby ensuring that your personal online store is clutter free and up and running from day one. During this entire process and even after that, your eBay account stays intact. It continues to run as you would operate it otherwise!

There is much more than that. It allows you to customize the listings in your online store without doing manual data entry. You can:

  • Define the rates in your online store lower or higher than eBay using Price Multiplier.
  • Remove the excessive HTML codes or third party application code from your listing while importing.
  • Edit the Product Description text from all listings. 

It will not save only hours of time but days and months and also increase your productivity like a rocket booster.

The exciting part is that this tool is just a click away to TRY FOR FREE!

If your sales activity is keeping you occupied, just ask for help and we will be happy to run this tool for you while you focus on the Big Cheese - Selling.