Updates to the eBay User Agreement

eBay User Agreement Updates

From the very launch of this eCommerce website, eBay has been striving to make its policies clear and easy to understand and implement, the services eBay provides are easy to use and friendly to both seller and customers. But every great thing requires being renovated from time to time in...
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eBay seller checklist To Keep

eBay seller's checklist

Having a complete eBay seller checklist present with you before starting your selling business on eBay is definitely an important initial step, before becoming a successful seller on eBay. The first step to becoming a registered eBay seller is letting know eBay how you will be making the payments, and confirming your...
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eBay’s extortion policy, how it works?

Sellers must know the eBay's extortion policy

The main reason there is a feedback option on eBay is that it’s a wonderful way to make sure the sellers are providing a good customer service; in feedbacks, customers share their experiences with others. It helps other buyers know the authenticity of a product with someone...
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