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We are a true NOT-DIY provider. In other words we will do the store setup for you at no additional cost.

  1. Preferred name for the store: www.mystorename.com
    1. If name already registered please share details and later we will request you to switch the name servers to roxy.cloudflare.com and todd.cloudflare.com
    2. If name not registered, share desired name after verifying availability here and we will register it on your behalf.
  2. Source of Products? We can load one time products from source like eBay, Amazon, excel(please provide images as well).
    1. eBay/Amazon sellers, please provide store links on those platforms
    2. Would you be selling exactly same number of products OR fewer OR more products, than you sell on eBay/Amazon. This helps us best design the regular import of products from eBay/Amazon.
  3. Shipping(only for physical products): This is one of the most tedious part of the store setup.
    1. Where all do you ship? List each location with a different shipping rate/calculation.
    2. List all inputs for shipping calc. e.g. product weight, category, volume, quantity etc.
    3. Is a vendor api used for shipping calc e.g. USPS, Fedex etc.
    4. Do you have any shipping vendor account for shipping calculations to ship via them? For eg. USPS, Fedex etc
    5. If not, then how would you like to charge the shipping to customers based on the locations? Is it free shipping, per item shipping charge, total order amount based shipping charge, fixed shipping charge or weight based shipping charge. For example if you are selling cds you can charge $2 per cds. So every extra cds will be charged $2 extra. Same as if you are selling small to heavy weight materials, you can charge weight based shipping. For sending memory card, it would cost less and for sending roti maker which is heavy, would cost more.
  4. Taxes:
    1. List all geographical regions and corresponding tax rate where tax must be charged.
    2. List all product categories and corresponding tax rate
  5. Payment: Provide payment gateway account details.
  6. Design:
    1. Banners(3 to 6): To be displayed on home page of the store. Recommended width for banners are:- Full page: 1840px, full Middle section: 1140px, Side middle section: 877px."
    2. Logo: You can create it from here
    3. By default homepage will have: "New Products" and "Featured products". If you want "Upcoming products" please let us know.
    4. Provide facebook, twitter and other social media accounts to add to home page.
    5. Provide "title"(56 words) and "description"(156 words) for your store for SEO purposes
  7. Inventory management:
    1. Should the product show "Out of Stock" and not accept orders when the quantity reduces to zero OR should orders be accepted irrespective of inventory.
    2. Display quantity available on the product page? Default is no as of now for you store.
  8. Miscellaneous;
    1. Contact information publicly accessible by buyers
    2. Email account to communicate with your buyers.
    3. Shipping/return policies, faqs to be listed on the store. Legal "terms and conditions" buyers should agree at the time of placing an order. If not available ignore.
  9. Search engine: Share your gmail account(if not available please create one). We will do the rest of the integration with google services and will add your site into google search engine.
  10. Help us know you better. Assumptions we make about you help personalize our services.
    1. Selling experience: years and platform
    2. Product line: high level details about products including properties like is Digital?, is Perishable? etc.
    3. Any other instructions for us regarding setup of the store?

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