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How To Manage Customers Information In the Seller Dashboard?

Customer details


First you need to add the customers group if you want to define them otherwise it will be set as default.

  • Go to Sales in your Store administrative panel
  • Then hover over Customers
  • And click Customer Groups
  • Click Insert to add a new group
  • Type the Customer Group Name
  • Click Save

Then you can manage customers and add them in respective customer group.

  • For that go back to Sales
  • Hover over Customers
  • And click Customers. List of registered customers will be displayed here. We can also see the ones that haven’t been approved. You need to approve the registered customers first. You can also set it as approved by default from customer group.
  • Select the customer
  • And click Approve
  • Click Insert to add a new customer account
  • Enter the customer’s first and last name
  • Now enter the customer’s e-mail address and phone number
  • Enter a password
  • Choose the Customer Group
  • Click Save

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