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How do I configure payment methods?

We highly recommend to send us your requirements or payment gateway ID and details on [email protected] and we will configure it for you. This is very critical configuration and needs attention. Our expert will do it for you and test it before launching your store. In case, if you want to do it yourself which we do not recommend, you can do it from below steps:

  • Log in to seller dashboard
  • Go to Settings and click on Payments
  • Select the payment module that you are using and click on edit
  • Add your Account details and click on save

Now you must test this configuration by adding test order.

  • You can add one test product with lesser amount, for example $1
  • Now go to your online store and buy that test product
  • Finish all procedure and do the payment using another credit card
  • Check order mails, recent order in dashboard and your payment gateway account.

If everything gone through and worked that means you have set the payment gateway correctly. If you face any difficulty or having any trouble, you can contact to us anytime

Note: EasyStoreHosting stores can be integrated with multiple payment gateways .

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