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Common eBay Scams for the First-time Seller to Avoid

Common eBay Scams to avoid

The Internet is a place where not everyone can be trusted, despite being in business for decades eBay is still not prone to scams. Sellers on eBay are not shielded entirely from fraudsters and the only way to know someone is not cheating on you is to...

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Providing Great Customer Service as an eBay Seller

eBay seller to provide great customer service

No matter how long you have been in this business if you don’t know the golden rules of “a great customer service” chances of your success become less.

In simple words, customer service is about handling the issues that clients face, by phone, email...

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How beneficial is a Loyalty Program?

Loyalty Program Benefits

Online stores nowadays are making use of loyalty programs like never before! The reason is simple, the fierce competition leaves them with no option and with time they have understood the importance of retaining existing customers and work on strategies directed to benefit out of various loyalty programs.

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