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Improvements online sellers want to see in eBay and Amazon

No doubt that Amazon and eBay are two of the greatest e-commerce success stories out there. We often use theses sites as examples of best online trade practices. Both Amazon’s and eBay’s usability isn't perfect but sellers and buyers all alike have become used to the sites and now find them quite familiar. The way they work is a winning formula but change is a universal law that can’t be escaped. Once you have scaled at a global level there are areas that can’t be changed but then there is always a little scope for some improvement.

Let’s find out where.


Both the market leaders need to make sure that only relevant recommendations are made to the user. They are indeed useful in the way that sellers get genuine buyers quicker. At times what happens is that buyers end up getting annoyed by irrelevant promotions and items that are not needed. So yes, by working upon recommendations that are being made to the buyer, these sites can do their sellers a huge favor and it would let them target more relevant consumer base every time.


The filtering ability that is native to every e-commerce site is an excellent way of helping your customers. They help them decide what they want and set aside less important things for future. Filtering options need to be changed and updated according to the region that they are operating in. There are already many options that both Amazon and eBay provide in terms of filters but it can still be improved to make sure that sellers can find the right buyers easily.


This is an important feature that works in both ways. It works for and against the sellers and they are affected the most by negative comments. The user or the customer should be given a time period to use the product or at least 48 hours until they can post a negative comment about the product. Also, fake reviews are a big problem for many online players as they misguide the buyers and also reflect badly upon the reputation of the seller.

Restricted Advertisements

This would be a gray area but if looked into correctly and pulled off right, can mean another thing of benefit for Amazon and eBay sellers worldwide. Instead of displaying advertisements of other sellers selling the same items, if the focus could be on similar items by the same seller or other items in the same category by them, it would encourage more sellers to join in on the online fun.

Commissions and Penalties

Many sellers complain of the online retail giants being complete rip offs. They are highly consumer-oriented and charge insane percentages of commission and levy high penalties for returns. Many online sellers have even been blacklisted and their accounts were frozen for life. These things form a major concern and thus something has to be done about them. Although nothing of what all that is here is absolute but giving these factors a little thought might play well in favor of online sellers.