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Advantages to sell on a self-branded store

Today we will discuss why having your own branded website is a necessity; we believe that in the long run, starting your own online store, will pay you well. The point we are trying to make here today is that besides selling on eBay or Amazon, sellers should dream big! Apart from all the benefits of having your own self-branded store, it lets you, as a seller reach a different level of success.

Let’s look at the reasons why you should be selling on a self-branded store too:-

Control over branding:

With a self-branded store, you can have more control over branding. You can establish your own brand name in the long run if you sell on a self-branded store. You can upload your own logo with the punchline like most of the bigger brands using, for example, coca cola's open happiness, Toyota's touch the perfection, Holden's let's go there, similarly, you can have yours on your self-branded store. You can also design your store theme matching your offerings. Upload as many banners as you want to attract customers, use the fonts as you like, in short, you are the manager and owner of your online store and can do whatever you want to build your brand. You might be thinking that you will have to do all that stuff by yourself but that is not the case with us. We will set up your store as you want and help you to build your own brand. To have a lucrative and permanent business, one must think of having own brand name in the market. Selecting a proper brand name is also very important. You do not have to compromise on a self-branded store with your name and worry if someone already has it.

Repeat business:

With a self-branded store, you own the customer, you can send them regular updates of your new launching and best-selling products, discounts and can make loyal customer using rewards points system. You can run the promotional campaigns in festivals and offer tempting gift coupons to lure them to buy again and again from your store. For the long pending products on your shelf, you can create a special sale category and assign it to those products which you want to sell at a discounted rates and notify to your customers. If they are visiting your self-branded store frequently, they will realise the value of your deal and will surely purchase it.

The transaction fees can be avoided:

Transaction fees cut down your profit margin. Large sellers can save a lot of money on transaction fees if they own a self-branded store. All you pay is just the monthly subscription fees for an online store and that's it. Every penny of your sales goes to your pocket. For example, if you are selling goods worth of $1000, and assuming the transaction fee is 10%, you would be paying $100 in transaction fees plus the store subscription fees which varies based on your listings. All those money you can save on a self-branded store.

Define rules of operations:

One of the major advantages of having your own brand store is that you can sell products on your own terms and conditions. There is no risk of suspension too. You do not need to follow third-party rules/guidelines to operate by if you sell on your store. You define your own rules and ethical standards. All products which are legal to sell, you can sell it on your self-branded store.


Most people often understand the need to have their own branded website but they get worried to add one more channel to their list and managing it. Some sellers misunderstand that they need some technical knowledge to have it, but all myths are not true. With Easystorehosting, you don't have to worry about your store. We take care of your store from setting up to managing it fully. We act as your backbone for online selling.

In the long run, you need to think about building up your brand and creating an e-commerce business that is built to last.