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Find out best Platform for online selling of lifestyle products

The increase in income of people worldwide has led to a decrease in their time for recreation and personal life. No wonder, people are taking on to online shopping more as a necessity rather as a luxury. So one should not be amazed if you find friends and family sitting glued to their laptop or Smartphone and trying to select a handbag, apparel or a pair of shoes! After all, smartphones have fuelled our habit of online shopping.

All these reasons have brought a big smile on the face of sellers who are contemplating to go digital to expand their business. Online selling is the buzzword for retailers and even wholesalers as they feel they can make good money by investing the least of resources in setting up an online store for selling their products. the coming of specialized shopping portals like eBay, Amazon etc. added to the delight of sellers as these portals are thronged by online buyers throughout the day and all around the world. So if you are a seller aspiring to grow your business by adding on the digital medium, let is help you choose the best platform or portal where you can register yourself to sell lifestyle products:

1. Amazon

Contrary to the popular belief, eBay is not the most popular or preferred medium for online shopping for buyers. Many reasons have led to the dominance of Amazon in contrast to eBay. eBay is charging more fee from the sellers, that has impacted sellers looking out for better options elsewhere. While for buyers, it is the promotion and advertising that has given a lead to Amazon making it more popular among buyers for Lifestyle products.

2. eBay

eBay may not be the number one shopping portal for lifestyle products but still it is not far behind. Being a pioneer in the genre of online selling, eBay still has maximum options when it comes to electronics, mobile phones, accessories etc. There are a large number of sellers who are making good money in Lifestyle genre after registering on eBay.

3. Flipkart

Flipkart is gaining in popularity as well as the trust of sellers as recent reports reflect that online sellers are importing their product listing from eBay to Flipkart and other options which have a more seller-friendly policy. Lifestyle products witness a good demand on Flipkart.

4. Shop.com

Well, this one is an exciting shopping portal where you can buy all brands at dirt cheap prices through bidding method. It has been gaining in its reach and penetration exponentially in last few months.

5. Macys.com

This is another wonderful shopping portal where all upscale, as well as economical brands, are features. A lot of sellers are registered here and buyers are enjoying shopping lifestyle products.

The list of online shopping portals is too long and includes many famous names like Walmart and Best Buy as well; though these two are not the leading ones when it comes to Lifestyle product shopping.

As a seller, we advise you to take a deep look on all the portals, compare their online terms and conditions for sellers, work out which one is more profitable for you and then only should you take the decision of setting up your store on any of these shopping websites.