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How important are Meta Tags in eCommerce?

The very word ‘Meta Tags’ is special enough to arouse your curiosity; after all, not every person on internet understands the intricacies of HTML source, web page development or Search Engine Optimization. Well, if you do realize that one cannot afford to be lost in an ocean of information available on the internet, you must read the significance of META tags. This understanding would enable you to use search engines list and index web pages for your maximum benefit.

Even though Meta Tags are optional descriptions, it is always better to use them as the Title tag or the Description tag. To begin with, there are 2 main benefits of using META Tags –

To bring your website up in search results

When you put Meta Tags as the description of your website, you get an edge by using specific keywords which will bring your website in top results of a search done by an ordinary user. So in case you haven’t used Meta Tags as description, Google would pick the first two-three lines of your website home page which may not have the necessary keyword; hence, you lose an important chance of getting featured if you do not have Meta Tags for your website description.

To help in your website indexing & listing

Meta tags contribute to determining how search engines will index your site. Without Meta Tags, your page is at the risk of not getting listed in a search engine result.

Different ways of using Meta Tags –

  1. Well-written Meta Tags help you in SEO and hold the potential to improve your search rankings though it is not the only solution that one should depend on.
  2. Meta Tags are like a preview that will tell the user what your entire website is about. Strategically written Meta Tags would lure the user to click on your website with just a 2-line preview. Isn’t it better than investing in Google Ads?
  3. Beneficial in product selling – With eCommerce gaining huge importance these days, you cannot imagine selling products online without having their Meta Tags in place. People tend to search a lot before buying a product online. So add an interesting Meta Tag description that will bring the user to your website even if other sites are selling it for a far lesser price!

Meta Tags also play an important role in increasing your Digital Goodwill & strengthening your social media presence. But remember, they are not the magic potions! You need to use them with other tools of SEO as well to mark your long-lasting impact in an eCommerce scenario.

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