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eBay seller's checklist

Having a complete eBay seller checklist present with you before starting your selling business on eBay is definitely an important initial step, before becoming a successful seller on eBay.

The first step to becoming a registered eBay seller is letting know eBay how you will be making the payments, and confirming your identity with an automated phone call or by contacting customer services.

Ways you can pay:

  • PayPal
  • Automatic credit card payments
  • Direct pay from checking account
  • Check for businesses.
  • In case you are paying through PayPal, you need to signup:

The fields required:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • And you are good to go!

Do your research:

Now comes the time when you need to do some research for the item you are selling, it is generally good to know about the items you are selling, by making sure the item you are selling is legal and allowed to be sold on eBay, there is a specified guideline given by the eBay, the policies of eBay are generally based on the country or state laws. There is a list of restricted items given by eBay, before selling anything just look into the list if items.

The next thing is to select a selling format:

  • Auctions style
  • Fixed price
  • Classified Ad
  • Motors National listings
  • Motors Local Market listing (for dealership subscribers only)

Now the seller needs to look into active and completed listing for listing categories and the ideas of pricing. Completed listings are available for items that have been sold in the last ninety days and for items that didn't sell in the last thirty days.

Another step includes calculating the shipping costs and looking for different ways the shipping can be optimized, things that should be taken care of are:

  • Stocking up on supplies
  • Printing shipping labels at home
  • Providing tracking information
  • Packaging your items carefully
  • Knowing your shipping charges

Creating a good Listing:

For a successful listing it’s recommended to follow the guidance given by eBay, for example following aspects of your listing need to be carefully created:

  • Price
  • Title
  • Item Specifics
  • Photos
  • Global Shipping Program
  • Top-rated seller

Good practices that help you promote buyer satisfaction include:

  • Describing the condition, quality, size of item honestly and accurately
  • Having a clear return policy
  • Prompt shipping
  • Prompt response to the buyer’s questions
  • Timely Refunds
  • Resolving problems quickly.

Manage your listing:

By keeping a track of your listing in My eBay answer all questions that you receive from buyers or potential buyers.

Wrap it up:

A quick payment notification and shipping once the payment has been done is important, the item should be as mentioned in the listing, send the buyer an invoice, and at the end of the transaction leave buyer feedback.