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Queries You Might have About eBay Seller Account Login

The very first step in starting the selling process on eBay is the one where you open a seller’s account, selling on eBay is easy and can result in good profit, creating a seller account involves confirming the name and address, the phone number and at last creating a payment method.

As a seller, it is obvious that you might come across few questions that require you to know regarding the seller’s account login.

Let’s see how you can go about selling on the world’s largest e-business. Given below are five questions that might arise in your mind regarding seller’s account login.

Starting with the very basic username, how should the username be?

As a seller, it is important the username you use is professional and something that stands apart, make your username compliment the items that you will be selling, for example candy coaster reminds you of candies and not clothing so someone with a name “candy coaster” should appropriately be selling candies or at least your buyers will assume that! another example is that of clothing, if you are selling clothes it is better to have a name that signifies fashion and trend rather than something like “wrestle mania” this would sound completely out of place as it nowhere relates to fashion or clothing.

When do you require registering a new account?

As your positive feedback falls, you get closer to requiring a new account. To be precise, if your positive feedback is lower than ninety-seven percent it is suggested to get a new account as it is hard to sell anything without a good and positive feedback, its worst for you if you have a high number of negative feedbacks.

Why does eBay need your credit card details as well as the checking account details?

eBay is strict about its policies and does not tolerate any sort of fraud it needs to verify your identity, and it is extremely important for buyers and sellers to know what they are dealing with before entering a legal contract.

Paying the eBay fees

The seller can trust eBay and authorize them to deduct the monthly fees automatically from their account it is highly unlikely that you will face any problem if in case you feel uncomfortable about auto debits there are various ways in which the sellers can make payment on a month to month basis or mail them a check directly.

How safe is my password?

eBay makes use of highly secure services, to store and receive the passwords, hacking through eBay servers is next to impossible hence just concentrate on making a stronger password than worrying about anything else, including lowercase and uppercase letters, and numbers is a good practice and never write it down in a place where others would find it. Chances of someone guessing your password is stronger than anyone hacking into eBay’s servers.

Whether it’s a full-fledged business that you are starting or just selling the things you no longer require at home, gathering detailed knowledge of how you need to start an eBay account is necessary and comes handy.

Selling on eBay can result in a good amount of profits all you need to do is start the process of creating an account.