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Sell more with nice and clean product photos

Well, we all know that the first impression is the last, even though some might not agree but there are studies showing that the first impression is definitely important in an e-commerce store because it’s all about visuals when the clients can’t touch and feel the things they are buying. it’s important to give them a more realistic view of the item they are about to buy, a beautifully shot item is more likely to be sold than the poorly shot pictures of another item. Product photos need to be shot with high pixel cameras with a suitable background in order to market your products well.

Let’s look at the ways we can click awesome product photos for your online store:

Setting up a white background

White comes with a property of reflecting white light back onto what is placed in front of it, i.e your product, dark colors absorb light, hence they are not the first choice. You won’t need to spend a lot of time making your products look good in the editing stage if you get the contrast right when the shots are being taken. Using a fabric will definitely work better than cardboard because it can create a smooth changeover from the wall to the floor.

Do not overdo while editing

Sometimes the editing can make the product look entirely different from what it really looks like and the customer might even feel duped when he sees that the product looks entirely different from what he saw in the images. So try to keep it as real as you can, be honest with your customers.

Keep your products clean and fresh before clicking

It is important that the product looks nice and attractive, the high-resolution camera these days tend to capture the minutest irregularities and dirt. Hence making sure your product is absolutely clean and presentable is highly recommended.

Taking the photograph from multiple angles

While shooting for an online store you need to realize that only through photos you will be able to impress your customers. They would definitely want to see how the product looks like from every angle, even placing the product in an environment it will be used by the customers, for example placing a stuffed toy in children’s bed or a toy room.

Giving a visual sense of scale

When we see a photograph of an item the bigger item might seem smaller and a small item might seem bigger, even when you give dimensions the customers might not be able to fully understand the size of that particular item. Hence the best way is to keep a commonly used item to give an estimate of the size of the items they are purchasing, for example, a pair of earring can be placed in front of a pen drive, a charger or even something like a coke bottle cap to give your customers an idea by comparing those items to the ones that are used every day.

One of the biggest problems in online store vs. a brick and mortar store is that customers cannot physically see or touch the object before purchasing it. While dimensions can be easily listed and portrayed, it is not always that easy to visualize the items in real life, hence good product photography takes up an important role of presenting a clear, presentable, and realistic picture of the product we are selling.