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Take customer's feedback seriously.

Feedback key to success, be it a multinational chain startup or an individual, only through feedback we can improve ourselves. Improvement come through feedback, if the seller doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong how would he work towards changing it? Feedback being a very important aspect in personal growth is definitely a treasure for sellers.

Not all feedback is constructive. It needs to be provided in a useful and healthy way because if it is not, it doesn’t help in most cases. The person providing feedback should focus on the issues and offer examples that clearly state what needs improvement. Offering suggestions for improvement shows concern for the individual and their personal development. But when we talk about online sellers, they have to face bad /rude feedback from angry customers. In this case, the customer service needs to maintain their cool and understandable. Each individual is different and in order to retain a customer, every issue has to be taken up and analyzed.

Hearing about flaws is uncomfortable, It is important for the seller receiving the criticism to block the instinct to get angry. Instead, a seller needs to recall the benefits of feedback and truly listen to what the person giving it has to say.

Talking about weather sellers actually care about the feedback, well the answer is YES, successful sellers do care a lot, there is no doubt in the fact that there is a revolution in data analytics where these feedbacks are analyzed and customer behavior is predicted. The deep insight into this data can tell the sellers a different and a true story.

Data analytics of customer feedback can be done in many ways:
  • Descriptive
  • Exploratory
  • Inferential
  • Predictive
  • Causal
  • Mechanistic

In order to get a clear picture, it has to be ensured that the data is accurate and representative. An accurate and useful information need to be gathered. An appropriate metric is established in order to report performance relative to customer expectations, also evaluating the trend is a requirement. And last but not the least making improvement is the final outcome of feedback analysis, until unless an action is taken to eliminate or mitigate the current product or service issues. The online sellers can also use predictive analysis to forecast future requirements and be prioritizing them and also setting a vision that will help the online sellers grow at a pace that otherwise in a different scenario would have been hard to achieve.

While they can be helpful in highlighting customer service failures data analytics of feedback can help sellers understand the customers much better and consequently increase sales and profit of the seller.

All feedbacks are important, be it negative the ones that make the online sellers find their flaws or the positive the ones that boost their morale. And now that the importance of feedback data has been realized sellers are going to the extent of hiring people just to analyze their feedback data.