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Native Shopping Ads to get more sales

Native shopping ads are the best thing to happen in the marketing world. It is a good way to help generate brand awareness as well as leads. With Native Shopping Ads option, users can add highly relevant recommendations in their blog or websites. The actual number of products displayed depends on the space available on their website. And native ads can showcase very appropriate products to your customers, it can easily boost your earning. Native ads have a lot in common with content marketing, but while native ads may offer valuable content. It is still an advertisement trying to sell a product and increase its visibility.

Types of native shopping ad variants:

Recommendation Ads

This type sets the native shopping ads in product article pages and automatically chooses best-matched products, it’s fully responsive for mobile users. These recommend adds are best placed at the end of an article recommending your products, to seek customer's attention. The simple idea behind these adds is that this unit identifies the keywords in the given content and matches that to the product catalog. This is also based on users existing search history.

Search Ads

This type lets you make use of the search feature for any specific product category, it allows you to add recommendations based on a search phrase determined by you or your visitor. These users can also place this ad on the search results page of your website and drive the recommendations using the search phrase entered by the user as an input.

Customs Ads

This option allows you to choose products you want to promote and place the ads where you want on your site. Fully responsive and looks good, you can add titles and other information to make it more appealing. The customizing features let you make your own choices and gives you full control over the set of product recommendations. It allows you to specify 4 to 8 products, the ones you would like to promote. This feature can make the ads look very appealing and the flexibility where you are able to choose your own products. It's the place where you are able to highlight different versions of existing products.

The kind of Ad formats available are:

Grid Format

A multi-product responsive format, with high-quality User Interface elements like image, price, size, etc.

List Format

It gives a subtle user experience with the list of links to related products.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are made to seamlessly combine highly pertinent recommendations into responsive ads for your content. They are dynamic ads that will change based on the content of your website page. It is also based on the current targeting ads directed at the reader's! It is a very powerful combination. Native Shopping Ads provide highly pertinent and dynamic product recommendations in an eye-catching design and responsive ad unit that can be placed anywhere on your web page to create a more captivating visitor experience and shopping opportunity.