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Customer retention strategies

Before you think of making new customers, it is important to retain the ones you already have! Bringing in a new customer is way harder than retaining an old one that is why customer retention strategies are much more important than you think it is.

Getting customers to come back time and again can be hard, especially in a world of fierce competition and customer service experiences being shared online. We live in a time where just providing a great product or service is not enough to keep the customers coming back.

Understanding and evaluating why your customers left in the first place:

While solving a problem you need to understand the root cause of it only then you can work on finding the solution for the problem. Regular feedbacks are definitely important to understand what customers want and why they plan to leave. Regular interaction is a great way to understand what’s going on in their minds, with the help of constructive feedback and constant interactions with your clients you can easily understand and evaluate what they like about your services and what they don’t!

Let’s have a quick look at the ways you could retain your valuable customer:

  • Provide them an excellent service
  • Resolve issues as fast as possible, if for some valid reason it takes long keep updating them about the progress.
  • Stay in constant contact with your customers, don’t let them forget you in the midst of a thousand other online offering coming up each day
  • A loyal customer should be treated as a royalty, if they are there for you should be there for them too, treat them with rewards and gifts every once in a while, you come up with a sale let them be the first to know. They should feel special and appreciated.
  • Offer them new products and services, offer them customized products.
  • Study your competitor to whom you are losing your customers to, understand what is it that the competitor is giving and you are not, go find that out and cut the competition.
  • Providing your customers a smooth user experience should be the top priority
  • Appreciating your clients by sending them “thank you” notes is another way of showing gratification and making customers believe they are important and valued.

Listen more to your customers:

It's human nature to speak more than you listen and this applies to online stores as well. It’s important to understand and listen to your customers; so much money is wasted each year because of poor listening. The employees should listen and understand the need and expectations of customers and work on making it a great experience for customers to visit your site. When a customer realizes he’s important and he is being heard you get another loyal customer! When we work on embracing and practicing a listening culture, customers stay!