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Marketing tips for holiday season

When the best time of the year is around the corner, if you are a seller on a marketplace you might as well understand it better than anyone else. This is the time when there will be a maximum amount of traffic. Buyers are rushing to buy gifts for their loved ones or even preparing themselves. Their budgets according to the pricing and selecting the best offer available to them in the market. With black Friday, Christmas approaching it’s about time that the sellers need to start preparing themselves and showering the customers with good offers, fast delivery and variety in products.

Customer will make or break your festive season, so providing them with an ultimate shopping experience becomes a mandate.

Cross-Selling: Adding Related Items Together

Cross-selling is advantageous to the customer as well as the buyer; in the busy lives of customers, it becomes necessary for the sellers to provide them with options. Something similar or something that goes well with what they are looking for. Sellers get an opportunity to increase their sales and buyers get options in holiday marketing!

Cross-selling can be defined as the practice/sales technique of suggesting related products/items to a customer who is considering buying something, it is a key to profit generation.

Email Marketing

Get your word across to the list of buyers who must be ready to come back, it could be they just haven’t thought about you and have been busy in their lives. The holiday season is the best time to reach out to them, again. This is a great opportunity to leverage your holiday offers and use amazing holiday-related content to allure people to shop. Emails are a great way to generate sales for your store, also a way to build relationships, even a single email, wishing them happy holidays can refresh their memories about the shopping experience they had with you or generate new leads.

Spoil Them With Offers

Come out with festive discounts, there is no another place your buyer will look at if you give sufficient discount, loyalty points or offers such as getting the third item for half the price if you buy two. Save you discounts/offers for this time of the year, because the market is flooded with such offers and you really need to make yourself visible by coming out with the festive offers. Holiday season is the greatest time to run promotional deals and get the highest conversion rate. It is advised that the seller should offer a big discount to sell in bulk on these days. Running daily flash deals with urging messages such as LAST DAY TODAY, DISCOUNT VALID TILL 12 p.m, FLASH SALE, LAST HOUR OF SALE, definitely, help!

Offer Fast & Free Delivery

When you reselling online there is at least one disadvantage that you will not be handing over the goods to your customer immediately. It requires a decent amount of delivery time for your product to reach, go for deliveries that are faster and another option is to deliver for free. There are customers you are willing to shop extra just for free delivery, they would rather have more products in their cart than pay for shipping.

The holiday season is the most important time of the year, in terms of selling, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve despite cut-throat competition. Adopting these strategies can help you earn high returns and help spread the holiday cheer.