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How to make consumers addict to online shopping?

Online Shopping – there is two NEWS in this context for people who are planning to create their own online store or shopping portal or get associated with eBay for selling their products online. The first News is a good one – more and more people are turning online shopping addict day by day. The second News is even better – you can capitalize on this trend!

First thing first – is your target group already online shopping addict?

Well, odds are in favour of you as every new study indicates that people who spend more than three hours on their Smartphone/laptop every day end up shopping products online, at least once in ten days. That is indeed the most positive sign if you are thinking of creating an eCommerce website!

So if your target group is Smartphone savvy, go ahead with the idea of having an online portal for selling. We tell you how to make your consumer get addicted to online shopping –

1. Announce Online Sales from time to time

People prefer to buy online for two reasons, one is convenience and the second one most definitely is saving. So if you keep announcing SALE from time to time, your consumer will keep coming back to your online store and will get addicted to shopping with you.

2. Reward the consumer with suitable Discount Coupons

Even if you are not announcing Sale, make sure to reward your regular online customers with discount coupons. These discount codes can be sent to their emails. And that brings us to another benefit of going online with marketing – having an online store or associating with eBay type platform will help you collect an important database of people in terms of emails and address. You can always keep them sending Discount coupons through the mail.

3. Send attractive emailers

This is another way to lure your target group and make them addict to your online store. You can send emailers showcasing your recently launched collection. These emailers are very effective in creating a visual delight for the consumer. And like the saying goes, what looks great… sells in greater number. So you can always use the technique of mailing creative posts to attract your consumers. Sending these emailers doesn’t cost much. You can, in fact, choose to send email designs to your consumers every fortnight.

There are many other ways in which you can lure your customer back to your online store again and again. Some of them are Google Ad words, Facebook Advertising, and social media promotions. All these will help you achieve good online sales.

For everything else, managing logistics and marketing your online store, you can rely on the support and assistance of online store service provider.

Especially for the sellers who are opting to sell through eBay, Easystorehosting offers a plethora of specially designed tools that will help them in getting more and more response from eBay users. The techniques and tools available at Easystorehosting are impactful and will also help the consumers get addicted to your online option.